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Software Downloads

The details of the granted use of the documents and software are included in the relevant files.
Documentation and manuals are on the product pages of this homepage!
Marvin Robot

Marvin IoT Roboter

Latest software - SD-Card image (iRP, Firmware, Dokumentation) The software update instructions are included in the operating instructions for the various operating systems.

Marvin C++ Toolchain

The Marvin C++ Toolchain is required for C++ software development on the Marvin robot. The installation manual is included in the Marvin user manual.

Linux-Version (Ubuntu 64bit):
  • The "gcc-arm-none-eabi" compiler should be available via the package manager of your distribution. If not, you can download them from the link below.
  • Download arm-gcc (.bz2) (src)
Mac OSX-Version:

JM3 Robot-Tool V2.0.1 and ext4-browser v1.0

The JM3 Robot-Tool is used to flash program the Marvin robot or to configure the WiFI interface. Beside the Marvin it can program the Asuro, RP6 (Base, M32, Wifi) and Robot Arm. A Terminal Program is embedded in the JM3 Robot-Tool. The Multiloader is the command line version to programm the robots.

Linux-Version (Ubuntu 64bit):
Mac OSX-Version:

Asuro xTend Library and Demo-Programm

The Demo-Program stimulates all hardware functions of the Asuro xTend and displays the measured values on the display. The optional Asuro modules as e.g. the 3D Compass/Gyro or the RTC are supported by the demo program. Only if the module hardware is attached to the Asuro xTend board you can expect valid results on the display. The complimetary Asuro Robot software comprises a digital PDI controller for the motor drivers and the data communication between the Asuro xTend and Asuro Robot is ready to use implemented. This allows the development of new application software only on the Asuro xTend board.

Asuro xTend C++ Toolchain

Under Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, ...) you must install the packages "gcc-avr", "binutils-avr" and "avr-libc" (should be the actual version) via package manager. Other operating systems are not supported.

RP6 Sensor Board Library and Demo-Programm

The Demo-Program stimulates all hardware functions of the sensor board. The sensor ICs are initialized with a basic configuration to demonstrate the principal functionality and to show how the software can control it. A 2D compass function with simple calibration routine, measurement of roll and pitch angle, GPS Modul control and reading of position data and a basic Servo-Controller for the Robot Arm are included.