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Sensor Modules

Sensor module products
GPS Modul

I²C GPS Module

The GPS Module with I²C bus interface, intergrated chip antennea and backup-battery has a very small form factor of 38 x 23 mm and a height of 4.1 mm. The weight is just ~6 g.

The receiver is based on NMEA-0183 rev. 3.01 protocol and provides the information of the GGA, RMC, GSA and VTG message in several registers which can be easily read by many micro-controller available on the market.
Highlights & details:
  • I²C bus interface (400 kHz)
  • Slave address is configurable via software in a wide range (0xC8 bis 0xDF)
  • Very low power disspation (< 100 mW)
  • Header and pin out fits for RP6 Sensor Board
Manual and documentation
GPS Module documentation (.pdf)

A demo program is included in the RP6 demo programm download area!
Gyro Modul

Gyro Module

The Gyro Module can measure the angular velocity around the yaw axis and converts it to an analog signal. This allows you e.g. to detect that the robot is turning into the commanded direction. Slippage can be measured depending on the software implemented on the motion controller.
  • Range: 200°/sec
  • Analouge output signal sensitivity: 10mV/dps, zero point at ~2,5V
  • Supply voltage: 5,0V +/-5%
Accelerometer Modul

Accelerometer Module --- out of production ---

  • Digital output: SPI oder I²C
  • 2 Interrupt outputs routed to I/O pins of the DIL connetor
  • Range: 2g/4g/8g
  • Supply voltage: 5,0V +/-5%
  • RP6 installation: simply plug in on the existing socket (DIL8) of the Control M32!
Manual and documentation
Weather Modul

BHT Module

The BHT Module has sensor elements for air pressue (barometer), relative humidity and temperatur. The sensor elements have a very good long term stability and accuracy. They are very suitable of battery powered devices combined with a extrem low power dissipation.
Highlights & details:
  • Barometric sensor - pressure measurement range: 10 to 1200 mbar, incl. temperature compensation
  • Temperature sensor - measurement range: -40 bis 85°C
  • Humidity sensor - relative humidity measurement range: 0% bis 100%
  • I²C bus interface (400 kHz)
  • Power dissipation <5 mW
  • Header and pin out fits on Asuro xTend board and RP6 Sensor board
Application examples:
  • alitmeter, variometer
  • weather station
Manual and documentation
BTH Module documentation (.pdf)

A software code expample is inculded in Asuro xTend demo program and can be found in the downloaded aera!