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IoT Robot - Marvin

Marvin IoT-Robot

Marvin - the ultimate IoT robot
Programmable with iRP, a graphical programming environment.
For kids and schools to stimulate technical, logical und analytical thought processes and imagination.

Marvin - iRP - the graphical programming environment for beginner, advanced learners and experts.

No software installation on the PC, Notebook or Tablet PC required.

The robot doesn't need internet access - but he can connect to a home / private WiFi network router (infrastructur-mode) or in adhoc-mode (direct) with a Wifi enabled computer. Data exchange between robots via WiFi supported. Integrated help function for each iRP block. Language supported: German, English, Dutch. Italian, Spanish and French in preparation. Created programs can be imported or exported.
Ideal to learn robot programming step by step and in an easy way.
For technique addicted kids and for schools supporting scientific lessons and getting a simple entry into the world of programming robots!

Try out iRP online now!
Marvin provides all possibilities to effectivily program and control robots - with iRP or C++ and HTML.
Highlights & Details:
  • TIVA™ C- microcontroller: ARM Cortex-M4F (Floating Point), 512KByte Flash, 256KByte SRAM, 6KB EEPROM
  • WiFi® 802.11 b/g/n, infrastructur- & Ad-Hoc mode, up to 16Mbit/s data rate, multi-connection, TCP and UDP; Range > 25m under normal conditions.
  • Proximitiy-Sensors (mostly independend form surface struktur or color)
  • 9D-Gyro & Compass Sensor (tilt compensated)
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) with buffer batterie
  • 1 x RGB status LED
  • 2 x Head lights (withe) and 2x rear lights (red)
  • Micro SD-Card Reader
  • Arduino Shield Header
  • Micro-USB header for firmware update or WiFi® setup (adhoc / infrastructur)
  • Powerful micro gearbox motors with high resolution odometrie
  • Rubber chains
  • JM3 RobotTool - the programming tool vor all AREXX robots; Windows7 and Linux USB-Driver
  • 6 cells batterie power supply for type AA - Battery lifetime (2100mAh NIMH) ~5 h with half speed moving, > 10h programming
  • Virtuel display in browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari) of the hosting PC, MAC, Tablet PC
  • FreeRTOS Operation System
  • complete C++ Software Driver Library
  • Micro SD Card with USB adapter
  • AA Batteries (Ultra Power) or rechargeable batteries NiMH e.g. Ansmann HR06 Typ 2700
  • Charger MW3310HC / 1 A current setting
  • USB cable (Micro-B / Type A)
Manual and documentation:

Marvin Manual (.pdf)

The latest software can be found in the download area!
Marvin Experimentation Board

Arduino Shield compatible experimental board

For own circuits - SO und TSSOP ICs are supported.
Header for JM3 GPS or BHT Module.
Manual and documentation: