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  • Marvin iRP Version 1.3.2 released.
    This update fixes a crash during initialization of the user-task in C++ mode and a potential WiFi crash under high data load.
    This update is highly recommended.
  • The introduction of the JM3 Webshop is on hold, because the end customer prices at the distributors have been significantly reduced.
  • Marvin iRP Version 1.3.1 released.
    In this update, the documentation and manuals are updated and extended with a C++ software library documentation. The setup of the C++ development environment is explained with step by step instructions. The required software packages and the link to the GNU complier are included on the SD-Card.
  • New JM3 ext4-browser tool to access the SD-Card under Mac OSX or Windows added.
  • New JM3 Robot-Tool v2.0.1.
  • JM3 webshop is in preparation. There, all JM3 products will be available at an attractive price.
  • The Marvin Robot is now available in the Conrad webshop.
  • Marvin IoT Robot gets new Extensions:
    • Line Follower with Shovel
    • Gripper Arm
    Prototypes are internally availble for final tests. The production is planned for start Q4/2017.
  • Marvin iRP Version 1.3 released. Beside smaller improvements, the iRP help function is now available in all supported languages. In addtion, an iRP configuration menu and new blocks for the extensions have been added.
    iRP IDE version 1.3 can be tried out on
  • Marvin iRP Update 1.2.1 is now available.
    This update contains some translation improvements.
  • Marvin iRP Update 1.2 is now available. Beside smaller improvements, the iRP WebIDE and has got a revised help function.
    Software and operating instructions are ready for download!
    In addition, the JM3 Robot-Tool V2.0 is now available for Mac OSX.
  • Marvin IoT Robot now in production. New feature is the graphical programming environment iRP!
    More details can be found on the Marvin IoT-Robot page.
  • The Accelerometer DIL Module - can't be produced anymore, because the IC is not in production anymore.
    As functional replacement the Asuro Compass / Gyro Module could be used.