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RP6 Robot Extentions

RP6 extention products
RP6 Sensor Board

RP6 Sensor Board

The RP6 Sensor Board fits to all versions of the RP6 Robots, but it is primarily designed for the RP6V2 and RP6WIFI. It expands the capabilities of the robots to measure sensor signals and to give control over sensor power consumption.

A separate servo power supply with a switched regulator (5V 3 Amp.) is on the board - the voltage can be switched ON/OFF by software. The Servo Controller can drive up to 8 servos to command e.g. a Robot Arm (picture see front page), which can be mounted on the board. With the 3D Accelerometer and Magnetometer you can realize a tilt compensated compass. Two Sharp sensors can be connected, e.g. front and rear.

The LED controller can control the brightness of the head LEDs and the Rear LED (if installed). Blinking of the LEDs in case of turning to the right or left side is also easily possible. The Real Time Clock (RTC) can generate an interrupt waking up the RP6 at a programmed time from a sleep mode. A Gyro(Yaw) gives information about how fast you are turning (degree/sec). The signal can be monitored to vertify intended truns or to stabilize the straight forward drive. In addition you can add I²C based small modules (e.g. GPS) to the board, which can be switched on/off by software.
Highlights & details:
  • 3D Accellerometer and Magnetometer for compass application
  • Gyro (Yaw) for e.g slippage correction and detection of turns
  • Real Time Clock with backup-battery
  • LM75B - temperature sensor
  • 8 Servo outputs with separate power supply (5V / 3A); on/off switchable via software
  • 8 PWM outputs
  • 2 x free Digital I/O lines (input can generate interrupt; connector I/O_EXT)
  • LED driver with "Smart Functions" e.g. for headlights, rear backlights, etc.
  • Interface for Sharp distance sensors with power switch (2x)
  • I²C Hot Swap interface (e.g. for camara modules or other I²C bus modules)
  • I²C Expansion interface (e.g. for GPS Module or BHT Sensor)
Application examples:
  • The RP6 Robot and the RP6WIFI board together enables you to control the RP6 Robot remotely - so you can ‘drive’ the robot via a Joystick or WASD keys on the keyboard.
  • With a Sharp-Sensor mounted at the front of the Seonsor board you can detect stairs or similar vertical obstacles.
Manual and documentation:
Sensor Board manual / documentation (.pdf)

A software code expample is inculded in RP6 Sensor board demo program and can be found in the download aera!